20 Chic Ways to Wear Green Makeup for St. Patrick’s Day (and Beyond)

Get over your fear of bright eyeshadow with a soft green dabbed on eyelids. A touch of highlighter and a coat of volumizing black mascara make the bright eyeshadow look surprisingly effortless.

You might want to skip the red lip, but there’s nothing more appropriate than a swipe of shamrock green eyeshadow on St. Patrick’s Day. The look would be striking with the shadow worn on just the lids, but we encourage you to wear the original runway version with the shadow applied up to brows. 

Shamrock green may be the traditional shade, but it’s good to switch things up once in a while. A thick stroke of lime green on the eyes brightens the entire face. As it’s still a shade of green, there’s no need to worry about getting pinched.

Going from a black smoky eye to an emerald green too drastic? Stick with the classic look on eyelids, but accent the inner and outer corners with a vivid green eyeliner. It will make eyes look twice their size.

Green eyeshadow is the obvious choice, but it’s not the only option. Enhance eyes with a bright green mascara applied only to the outer lashes on the upper lash lines. For more drama, try colored falsies.

It wouldn’t be a celebration without green glitter. Go all out with chunky emerald green glitter layered on eyes. To prevent it from looking overdone, pair with a slick of lip gloss and save the contouring for another day.

Get ready for an evening out with a green smoky eye. Blend sage green shadow with gray and black for a look that’s surprisingly easy to pull off.

A green-stained mouth from the dyed beer and sweets isn’t cute, but a metallic green lipstick is. Pro tip: Turn a matte green lipstick into a metallic one with a lip top coat or by dabbing a bit of silver eyeshadow on top of ordinary lipstick.

Take a good look because the green eye makeup is subtle, but it’s still there. The light application and placement on the inner parts of the eyes make the look.

Green and silver create a glam eye makeup look. In this case, only use the lightest touch with blending brushes. It’s best if we can see the different shadows. Complement the emerald eyes with black nail polish with blue and green vertical stripes.

Use a shamrock green eye pencil to line the entire perimeter of eyes. Skip mascara and keep the rest of the face au naturel so the green really stands out.

Purple may not be the first color that comes to mind for St. Patrick’s Day, but it pairs nicely with green. Just see this eye makeup. Choose sheer, shimmering shadows for a romantic finish. To increase the effect, finish with a mini strip of false lashes on the outer corners.

There’s shamrock green, then there’s neon shamrock green. This liquid liner falls into the latter category. Choose the brightest liner you can find and draw a thick flick across the entire lid.

Turn a neutral makeup look into a festive St. Patrick’s Day one with a bit of shimmering green shadow applied on the lower lash lines. It’s OK if it drops down. It’s meant to look random.

This is a more minimalist approach compared to decorating cheeks with shamrocks and rainbows, but it’s decidedly chicer. It’s also a look that you’ll want to try other days of the year with different colored eyeliners.

For celebrations, we sometimes think the more, the better. That’s not necessarily the case. A shot of electric green eyeliner only applied to the very middle of lower lash lines has as much impact as a full face of green paint.

Rainbows are almost as popular as shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day. Rather than trying to incorporate seven colors on eyelids, stick with two. We suggest a swipe of sparkling green on the lids and a streak of baby blue on the bottom lash lines. False lashes are optional but recommended for an ethereal look.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, put down that black liner and pick up a green one to create an elongated cat eye. Draw a line of gray eye pencil on the bottom lashes to add some smolder for evening.

One of the benefits of green is that it looks good on any eye color. Play up peepers by lining the lower lash lines with an eye pencil in classic St. Patrick’s Day green.

Earn originality points on St. Patrick’s Day by mixing green and purple. Highlight the inner corners of eyes with a bright purple pencil, then rim lower lash lines with vibrant green. Get inspired to try the look with other color combinations.

Images: Imaxtree

No matter how much Irish DNA you have, St. Patrick’s Day is the holiday of luck, gold and late night celebrations at the pub. It’s also a time to get creative with a themed beauty look. Rather than go for shamrock face paint this year, we’re getting festive in a less costumey way: via green makeup.

Green makeup may get a bad rap, but it can be beautiful and flattering in all forms. It enhances all skin tones and eye colors, making it worth wearing way beyond March 17. Don’t believe us? These green beauty looks will inspire you to give emerald a try — and not just on St. Patty’s Day.

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