Hits and Misses: New York Fashion Week Fall 2019

HIT: Jeremy Scott
MISS: Longchamp
HIT: Ralph Lauren
MISS: Christian Siriano
HIT: Telfar
MISS: Khaite
HIT: Ulla Johnson
MISS: Tomo Koizumi
HIT: Maryam Nassir Zadeh
MISS: Brock Collection
HIT: Area
MISS: Collina Strada
MISS: Tom Ford

HIT: Jeremy Scott

“Believe or not, I like it a little bit. I would totally wear some trench-coats and I think that last gown is one of the best that have seen from him in a while.” [ghostwriter10549]

“I can certainly appreciate just how clean, coherent and direct this collection is. Scott clearly has a clear inspiration this season and ran with it, and I don’t hate it.” [vogue28]

See all the looks from the Jeremy Scott collection.

MISS: Longchamp

“LV goes to New York.” [ForTheImage]

“This is Vuitton on a budget … if you cannot afford Vuitton and you want to, you can always buy cheap knock-offs at Zara, H&M, Mango … so I don’t get the point of Longchamp’s strategy, trying to become the poor man’s version of Vuitton; while being more expensive than their fast-fashion counterparts.” [jeanclaude]

“Why do they show in New York? This boggles my mind, unless they just want to expand their market over there.” [Lax89]

See all the looks from the Longchamp collection.

HIT: Ralph Lauren

“What’s not to love? A classic Ralph Lauren collection, filled with beautiful and timeless pieces. I think everything’s beautiful, very luxe and absolutely love the black, white and metallic color pallette. Not to mention the setting of the flagship Madison Avenue store (quintessential old school NYFW).” [vogue28]

“I actually enjoyed it, he always pleases his core client who is the super wealthy all-American woman. It’s a classic brand and they are good at that without looking like fossils.” [Urban Stylin]

“Beautiful, classic clothes. Thank you, Ralph, for never going down the ugly Gucci road like other designers!” [liberty33r1b]

See all the looks from the Ralph Lauren collection.

MISS: Christian Siriano

“This is a mess of excess. I mean, a full-figured woman in an iridescent pantsuit with a transparent top … so painful to watch!” [Lola701]

“What the actual heck is the last look on Ashley? What actually is that?” [TianCouture]

“And he’s the new mentor of Project Runway. God bless those contestants.” [Koibito]

See all the looks from the Christian Siriano collection.

HIT: Telfar

“I’ve always loved the idea of Telfar more than in reality … but I really like this. For some weird reason, I’m into it. It can be a black American version of GMBH (that I really love)!” [Lola701]

“I find it refreshing seeing new indie brands on NYFW. They give fresh air to a stale fashion landscape, with the same establishment brands which we all know.” [jeanclaude]

See all the looks from the Telfar collection.

MISS: Khaite

“I can’t imagine this translating anywhere in a woman’s day-to-day life. I frequently look at this brand in stores but aside from the accessories and one or two of the coats, I can’t imagine wanting to wear much of this.” [SophiaVB]

“Somehow disappointed in this. Their latest lookbooks have been so modern and cool … ” [blusheels]

“This is totally different from what they sold previously at THE LINE; it feels like a sudden change from The Row/Celine minimalist style to some gaudy heavy cheesy style like Dolce & Gabbana that kinda of style.” [kasper!]

See all the looks from the Khaite collection.

HIT: Ulla Johnson

“The American Max Mara. Truly very few, other than Calvin Klein maybe, can interpret earthy colors as strongly as Ulla. One of the stronger offerings so far.” [Benn98]

“I thought this was such a beautiful and well-thought-out collection when clicking through each photo on Vogue; very well executed, wearable and coherent. The prints and colors are absolutely gorgeous, especially when contrasted with the minimalist show space. A thumbs up from me!” [vogue28]

See all the looks from the Ulla Johnson collection.

MISS: Tomo Koizumi

“Not sure what’s his story and how he got Katie Grand to pull off this casting and use Marc Jacobs’ store as the venue, but it’s certainly not deserved. This is embarrassingly awful, childish even. It’s great to support new designers, but next time let’s pick one who can present a decent collection.” [Marc10]

“Same materials and same technique for the whole collection that contains most of the ugliest dresses of the season. I agree, so not deserved.” [Koibito]

“Lol no! We don’t need a Giambattista Valli/Molly Goddard for NYFW!” [RedSmokeRise]

See all the looks from the Tomo Koizumi collection.

HIT: Maryam Nassir Zadeh

“I love what she does and think her and Rachel Comey DO NOT get the attention and respect they so deserve; for me they lead NYFW. She should have a show in her apartment, it’s outrageously gorgeous.” [TianCouture]

“Totally agree, it feels very liberated. Almost like a New York version of old Marni, a bit more down and less precious. It’s probably the only show I look forward to during NYFW!” [tatouejeremie]

See all the looks from the Maryam Nassir Zadeh collection.

MISS: Brock Collection

“This is conservative and old in the worst possible way. I don’t even think an older woman would want to wear this. Terrible collection!” [Lola701]

“You cannot NOT think of Chanel with those tweed opening looks! Also notice a hint of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s Dior with those khaki, white and belted looks. It just feels like an afterthought of a collection, all over the place and incoherent from start to finish. A weak and referential offering!” [vogue28]

“I think the Chanel influenced tweeds were a misstep and a waste of 1/4 of the collection.” [HeatherAnne]

See all the looks from the Brock Collection collection.

HIT: Area

“This is quite honestly one of the only shows I look forward to from NYFW, another stellar collection from the duo!” [GERGIN]

“I always liked them. This collection is great!” [entten]

“This is pure gold.” [MetroMelanie]

See all the looks from the Area collection.

MISS: Collina Strada

“There are so many brands doing this kind of fake rebellious, subculture-inspired fashion that it’s starting to look as stale as American sportswear or 80s-inspired Parisian chic.” [Lola701]

“I agree, it’s all starting to meld into one. This sorta mirrors Eckhaus Latta, which seemed to set the tone.” [TheoG]

“I’m seeing less creativity and much more predictable fashion. I could have pulled this collection from almost any secondhand shop.” [Jandrew]

See all the looks from the Collina Strada collection.

MISS: Tom Ford

“This is a total disaster. This should feel like ‘Tom Ford, the luxury sophisticated brand’ but it feels like ‘TF by Tom Ford’, the diffusion line for department stores worldwide (free tote bag with every purchase). It’s sooo basic, you can tell he doesn’t care about fashion anymore. It’s like his auto-pilot mode is also in auto-pilot mode!” [jeanclaude]

“Yikes this is terrible, especially disappointing giving last season’s delicious luxe triumph. It doesn’t even look very TF, those faux fur hats are very cheap looking, like almost all the fabrics used.” [Marc10]

“I feel as if he just grabbed pieces from previous collections and sent them down the runway and hoped no one would notice.” [kenndale]

See all the looks from the Tom Ford collection.

Images: Imaxtree

In case you’ve been hibernating from the winter chill and zoned out from the world around you: New York Fashion Week is currently in full swing, and everyone from Tom Ford to Brock Collection has shown us what we’ll be wearing next fall/winter (or more likely what Zara will next have featured in their store’s front window in a few short months).

Mr. Ford kicked off the festivities with a collection oozing the quintessential Tom Ford look we all know and adore, with models parading a more simplified TF silhouette down the runway this season (much to the dismay of our forum members).

Following his monumental 50th-anniversary show back in September, Ralph Lauren invited guests to his flagship Madison Avenue store to experience Ralph’s Café as models presented a sleek and monochromatic collection while proving once again that he is the true master of all-American fashion.

Tomo Koizumi is also a name you’ll be hearing around town (a lot), thanks to having been discovered by Katie Grand via Instagram (oh, the joys of modern technology). Grand welcomed the Tokyo-based designer stateside with open arms and supported him in flaunting his flamboyant creativity in the basement of Marc Jacobs’ Soho boutique and pulled in favors from models-of-the-moment Bella Hadid, Luna Bijl, Joan Smalls and a whole host of others to model Koizumi’s extravaganza of ruffled dresses.

In another part of town, Christian Siriano delivered a directionless, ill-fitting and seriously questionable offering in stark contrast to Ulla Johnson’s “very well-executed, wearable and coherent” collection this season. Jeremy Scott only just managed to secure our forums seal of approval by a thread, and we’re still shaking our heads in utter disbelief over Longchamp’s shameless imitation of Nicolas Ghesquière’s Louis Vuitton.

So far, NYFW’s been a blast, but no doubt the best is yet to come as the week’s not over just yet. Here are the hits and misses of the Fall 2019 season at New York Fashion Week, according to our unfiltered and unbiased forum members. Stay tuned.

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