Rainbow Infused Fashion Done to The Ultimate Extreme by Cosmic Unicornz

The name of this brand really should be a dead giveaway for the kind of fashion to expect, but if not, Cosmic Unicornz is essentially the fashion dream of every little girl. It’s all colors of the rainbow done to the ultimate extreme, in the most bold of styles, with as many embellishments as possible. Clearly there are no rules when it comes to fashion for this label. If it’s bold and vibrant, then it’s a go. Mermaids, pixies, and all the glitter fairies imaginable are really the only way to describe the true essence of this rainbow infused label. With Cosmic Unicornz, it’s time to take every fashion norm, flip it on its head, add a bucket load of glitter, and splash the canvas with any and every color within grasp. For anyone looking to add the fun back into fashion in the most bold manner possible, we couldn’t think of a more appropriate label for you.










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